Movie & Wine Pairing


Lime Leaf Verdejo 2018
Vino Blanco, Spain

Tootsie (1982)

Verdejo, an invigorating white grape, is Spain’s secret weapon. From the Rueda region known for its pricey whites, this excellent selection is notably crisp, dry, and fresh. Michael Dorsey (Dustin Hoffman) has his own secret weapon, an alter ego as actress Dorothy Michaels, which allows him to win a coveted soap opera role. Directed by Sydney Pollack and also starring Jessica Lange, Tootsie remains as crisp and unique as it was on its first release almost 40 years ago.


 If you’ve never tried Verdejo, Spain’s ‘secret weapon’ white, Lime Leaf is your perfect first taste. Known for its crisp texture and invigorating, citrus-infused flavors, it’s a big hit with Sauvignon Blanc fans and, thanks to a tip-off from old friends (see below), we secured this top-quality example for you. It’s made with ‘declassified’ fruit grown in premium Rueda (home to some of Spain’s crispest and priciest whites), so you’re enjoying a worldclass wine at a much friendlier price.


Rueda was granted Denominación de Origen (DO) status in 1980, but wines have been made here since the 11th century. Rooted in stony, limestone-based soil on a high-altitude plateau, vines enjoy a cooling influence from the Duero River. This setup, along with long hours of brilliant sunshine, gives the grapes a ripe-yet-zingy character. With more than half of the region planted to Verdejo, it is definitely the star white here. It’s a local favorite and wine list staple at fashionable European restaurants.


WM_Javier_Julian_MuruaWe owe the discovery of this racy white to our old friends, father and son winemakers, Julián and Javier Murúa (left). They’re responsible for our best-selling Barón de Barbón Rioja. Javier has excellent contacts all over Spain. He heard of a small, Rueda-based cellar that had a little extra juice, so he let us know. Clear proof of the virtue of having ‘in the know’ friends.


shell_shrimpBBQ_skewersA superb choice for an aperitif, Lime Leaf will also pair well with a variety of salads – try Niçoise or a crisp Caesar with blackened chicken. It’s also as delicious with seafood as a squeeze of fresh lime. We love it with grilled shrimp skewers, tangy ceviche with salmon and avocado, simple white fish with steamed veggies, and all manner of sushi.

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