Movie & Wine Pairing


Lobo e Falcão 2014
Vinho Regional Tejo, Portugal

I Married a Witch (1942)

Director René Clair is famous for his French films of the 1930s, but his later American pictures — like the fantastical I Married a Witch (1942) — remain undiscovered by audiences. Sip this complex white blend from central Portugal while watching Veronica Lake’s 300 year-old heroine use witchcraft to seduce the unwitting Fredric March. Both will be happy revelations.


Portugal is famous for its opulent dessert wines and super-rich dry reds – but we’re equally excited about the country’s whites, like this new discovery from José Lobo de Vasconcelos and his 17th-century Quinta do Casal Branco. It’s a rare blend of native Portuguese white star, Fernão Pires, plus Alvarinho and Moscatel (aka: Albariño and Moscato). These grapes positively thrive in Casal Branco’s sandy soils, and ripen to perfection under the Portuguese sun. Gentle oak aging imparts further complexity. It’s bursting with juicy-ripe peach, orange blossom and hints of classic Moscato “grape” flavor.


peopleTaste why Wine Spectator calls Portugal “the most exciting wine place on the planet today.” If you head to the remote interior of Portugal, you’re in a land untouched by modern times, all-but overlooked by the rest of the wine world – but not for long. We’ve been swooping down on rich pickings here for years, bringing you remarkable wines that over-deliver on flavor and value.

As you pour for guests, you can tell them the story behind the cool name: Casal Branco dates to the 17th century, and once served as the king of Portugal’s falconry. José’s family (whose surname means ‘wolf’) were the caretakers there. Lobo e Falcão (‘Wolf and Falcon’) is a tribute to them, as they would keep special barrels of their wine tucked away for the king when he stopped by for a visit.


foodThis is a top pick for Asian style meals (noodle bowls or classic pork egg foo young), seafood, vegetarian stews and more. For a local-inspired pairing, try bacalhoada (Portuguese salt cod stew). The classic, hearty dish, made with salt cod, sweet onions, potatoes, olives, eggs and olive oil has lots of complex flavors – a perfect match for Lobo e Falcão.

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