Movie & Wine Pairing


Lobo e Falcão 2015
Vinho Regional Tejo IGT, Portugal

A Tale of Two Cities (1935)
Thursday, July 20 @ 08:00 AM (ET)

Match this wine from a royal falconry with a bit of eighteenth-century royal upheaval – by way of MGM and producer David O. Selznick. Ronald Colman stars as Charles Dickens’ memorable hero Sydney Carton in a lavish literary drama that is as full-bodied and flavorful as the velvety and spicy Portuguese red. Both are beautiful examples of their craft.


This oak-aged best-seller was crafted by José Lobo de Vasconcelos (inset) at 17th-century Quinta do Casal Branco in central Portugal. The estate once served as the king of Portugal’s falconry, and José’s family (whose surname means ‘wolf’) were the caretakers there. Lobo e Falcão is a tribute to them, as they would keep special barrels of their wine tucked away for the king when he stopped by for a visit. Rated a Wine Enthusiast Best Buy, it boasts a “rich, immediately fruity character,” in which “structure and concentration leave room for an elegant texture.”


Portugal is home to a dazzling array of native grapes – too many to name in just one tasting note. But José kept the blend for Lobo e Falcão to just three of them. Castelão (70%) imparts a deep, plummy flavor. The unique, purple-fleshed Alicante Bouschet (20%) delivers a mega-hit of dark color and firm structure. And finally, Touriga Nacional (10%), which gives the wine a lovely hint of ripe strawberries and floral spice.


Wine Spectator has pondered that Portugal may be “the most exciting wine place on the planet today.” But up until fairly recently, this gorgeous country was largely overlooked by the rest of the wine world. People are now paying rapt attention – but we’ve been swooping down on rich pickings here for years, bringing you some of the country’s most remarkable-value wines.


José’s red is full-bodied and has lots of flavor, so you’ll want to pair it with a dish that’s equally hearty. You can’t go wrong with anything you’d throw on the grill: beef tenderloin, thick-cut pork chops, steaks or burgers. It’s also terrific in the winter, when you may be relying more on your oven. Go for rich beef roasts and garlicky parsnip puree or meaty stews.

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