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Madre Goccia 2014
Calabria IGT, Italy

Sunrise (1927)
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As this "mother drop" from Calabria is the purest expression of the grape, so too is F.W. Murnau’s Sunrise the ultimate expression of film craft in the silent era. And in keeping with this wine's origins, it’s also a beautiful appreciation of country life, as its humble characters find their marriage threatened by a woman from the city. But don’t be intimidated – pour a glass and be carried away by this captivating movie as audiences have for decades.


Our intrepid Italian expert, Davy, loves unearthing new and exciting finds for you. On his most recent trip to 'The Boot,' a tip from a friend sent him to Calabria. There, he met up with Pasquale Iuzzolini, who gave Davy a sip of his latest creation: a 50/50 Chardonnay-Greco Bianco blend, boasting 90 Points from top Italian critic Luca Maroni and a gold medal from the 2015 Concorso Enologico Nazionale Enolions. Partially aged in French barriques (which imparts that subtle spice and rounded mouthfeel), Madre Goccia is named for the very first drops of juice that are pressed out of freshly harvested grapes. This "mother drop" is thought to be the purest expression of what a grape has to offer the winemaker – and as you'll taste, Pasquale really made the most of it.

Look forward to complex aromas and flavors of white flowers, pure citrus and intriguing tropical fruits. Echoes of vanilla and cream will linger on the long finish – see over for our top food pairing recommendations (including one of Pasquale's favorites).


Situated in the Calabrian territory of Cirò, Tenuta Iuzzolini is a family-run estate that dates back to the 1500s. This historic property comprises approximately 1,200 acres – 250 of which is vineyard, and 50 of which is planted with 100-year-old olive groves. The remaining property is reserved for pastures and woods where they raise horses, bulls and donkeys. It is just as picturesque as it sounds.


Pasquale loves crab cakes – so of course, it’s his favorite match for Madre Goccia. Davy prefers oysters, clams or fresh squid. If you're not in the mood for seafood, Madre Goccia will be terrific with rosemary chicken or hearty vegetarian casseroles. And of course, serving this as an aperitif will work – especially with some creamy Taleggio cheese on the side.

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