Movie & Wine Pairing


Manera Collezione Cortese 2016
Piedmont DOC, Italy

Tom Jones (1963)
THURSDAY, JULY 25 @ 10:15 PM (ET)

Bright and elegant, this crisp white is best paired with a good time. What better film to watch when drinking than Tom Jones, a unique, high-energy comedy that won over both critics and film lovers across the country. Launching Albert Finney into stardom and also starring Susannah York, the film and wine are both a welcome break to any day.


Piedmont is one of Italy’s most prestigious wine regions, with perhaps only Tuscany challenging it for first place. Its best-known white is Gavi, which is made from the Cortese grape. Leave it to local star Claudio Manera to create his own take, which delivers the elegance and finesse you’d expect from a top Gavi, but for a far friendlier price. Bursting with apple, white blossom, and citrus, it’s exactly the kind of chic white thirsty guests will really enjoy as a refreshing start to the night.


Cortese is a white grape unique to Italy and grown almost exclusively in Piedmont – it thrives in the region’s chalky, limestone soils and cool, maritime climate. As you’ll taste here, Claudio knows just how to coax out its delicate flavors and bright, zippy character. Produced originally to provide local Ligurian seafood restaurants with a refreshing, fish-friendly wine, Gavi has become one of the world’s most famous whites and the top expression of Cortese. See over for a few pairing ideas for this vibrant white.


WM_ClaudioManeraIn Piedmont, (whose name translates to ‘at the foot of the mountain’), settlements were historically built on hilltops, for protection and to escape the famous nebbia (fog). This is one reason why Castel Boglione, the only village on the thickly forested valley floor, was a famous hideout for bandits and thieves. They’d knock back the village’s red wines, while the whites were reserved for aristocrats.


fish_whitefish_lemonDelicious as an aperitivo, this elegant white is also incredibly food-friendly. Perfect partners include simple white fish and shellfish, pasta tossed in a fresh basil pesto sauce, or creamy mushroom risotto. It’s also tasty with Italian cheeses (from tangy Pecorino to creamy Gorgonzola) and cured meats (try silky, aged Prosciutto di Parma). No matter what you choose, it’s sure to delight!

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