Movie & Wine Pairing


Marqués de Villanueva Reserva 2012
Cariñena DO, Spain

The Age of Innocence (1993)

Martin Scorsese is primarily known for a string of tough-guy films, but here he turns his camera on an older New York and Edith Wharton’s literary society drama. Daniel Day-Lewis stars as Newland Archer, a man drawn between two women played by Michelle Pfeiffer and Winona Ryder. It’s a masterful and achingly restrained film that matches the maturity and mellow character of this delicious Spanish red.


Cariñena was declared “home to some of the best value reds in Spain, if not the world” by Decanter. This sundrenched ‘hot spot’ is also a great place to find seriously rich reds – like this silky Reserva from local talent Marcelo Morales. Sporting a gold medal from the Berliner Wein Trophy, Marqués de Villanueva showcases the flavor intensity for which Cariñena’s old-vine grapes are famous. Marcelo hand harvested the premium Tempranillo and Garnarcha, then gave the wine a 12-month slumber in fine barrels. You’re in for a deep, dark red with ripe strawberry, tobacco leaf, and smooth vanilla flavors – ideal for a big, meaty stew or grilled lamb.


Tempranillo is the great grape of Rioja (and indeed, Spain as a whole), prized by winemakers for its strawberry fruit flavors that mellow gorgeously in oak barrels and develop hints of dried tobacco leaf, spices, and even leather. As you’ll taste here, it blends beautifully with Garnarcha (aka Grenache in France), a grape that adds fullness and rich berry characters to this Reserva.


VY_Spain_Carinena_fallDespite their high quality and excellent value, the wines of Cariñena still fly very much under the radar. Its landscape is mountainous and rugged; however, the sun is intense, and the cierzo (a cold north wind) keeps humidity low. Winemaking is tough in these conditions, but the region has a rich wine heritage, dating back to Roman times, and is home to some of Spain’s oldest vines.


lamb_roast_lamb_and_potatoesMarcelo loves to pair his silky Reserva with savory game meats. However, if bison, venison, and the like are difficult to come by, it will also be delicious alongside grilled lamb or tender beef roasts. If meat’s not on the menu, it’ll make a tasty match for vegetarian chilis, stews, or casseroles (think hearty veggies like tomatoes, eggplant, mushrooms, or potatoes).

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