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With our movie and wine parings, our intention is to choose wines diverse in their flavors with very good quality and value, but specifically, to think about those wines, who made them, where they are from and to draw together a movie connection - suggesting the kind of film you might want to watch when you're drinking that bottle.

Justin Howard-Sneyd Master of Wine, Curator of the TCM Wine Club.





June 21

08:00PM (ET)

MOVIE: Harold and Maude(1971)
Date: Wednesday, June 21 @ 08:00 PM (ET)
A suicidal young man gets a new lease on life when he falls for an 80-year-old woman. Comedy | 91 mins.

WINE: Joseph Castan ‘Excellence’ Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
Region: Pays d’OC IGP, France
This smooth and well-structured Cabernet comes from a generations-old family winery, so pair it with a film that curiously transcends generations, Hal Ashby’s cult classic Harold and Maude. Bud Cort stars in the story of a morose young man who falls in love with a much older woman played by Ruth Gordon, but it’s the film’s playful tone (and Cat Stevens soundtrack) that has made it such a cultural landmark for audiences. Read more >


June 26

10:00 PM (ET)

MOVIE: Funny Face(1957)
DATE: Monday, June 26 @ 10:00 PM (ET)

A fashion photographer turns a Greenwich Village unknown into an international supermodel. Musical | 103 mins.

WINE: Château de Colombe 2016
Region: Bordeaux AOC, France

Audrey Hepburn lights up the screen once again in this stylish musical set in Paris. With the legendary Fred Astaire costarring as a fashion photographer who brings Hepburn’s unknown to stardom, and real-life photographer Richard Avedon as a visual consultant, this Gershwin-infused musical goes perfectly with a freshfruited and mouthwatering French rosé. Read more >


July 1

12:00 AM (ET)

MOVIE: Nobody Lives Forever (1946)
Date: Saturday, July 1 @ 12:00 AM (ET)
A con artist falls for the rich widow he's trying to fleece. Romance | Black and White | 99 mins.

WINE: Black Saint Peter Old Vine Zinfandel 2015
Region: Lodi, California

John Garfield made a career out of playing antiheroes and tough guys, and his con-man character in Nobody Lives Forever – opposite Geraldine Fitzgerald as a wealthy widow – is a perfect example of his talents. Read more >


July 4

1:15 AM (ET)

MOVIE: The Music Man (1962)
Date: Tuesday, July 4 @ 01:15 AM (ET)

A con artist hawks musical instruments and band uniforms to small-town America. Musical | 151 mins.

WINE: Abbesse de Loire Sauvignon Blanc 2016
Region: Vin de Pays du Val du Loire IGP, France
“Intense zip and zing” could describe not only this French Sauvignon Blanc but also the performance of Robert Preston in this lavish 1960s Warner Brothers musical. Read more >

WINE: Alfred Hitchcock Presents Chardonnay 2015
Region: Lodi,
Grace Kelly starred in three films by Alfred Hitchcock in the early 1950s, and all of them are classics. But here, opposite Cary Grant and the unbeatable scenery of the south of France, her talent truly shines. Enjoy this Chardonnay with hints of golden apple, honey and toasted vanilla while watching one of the Master’s great casting decisions.  Read more >


July 6

05:45 PM (ET)


Sept. 14

12:30 PM (ET)

MOVIE: Little Women(1949)
Date: Thursday, July 6 @ 05:45 PM (ET)
Thursday, September 14 @ 12:30 PM (ET)
The four daughters of a New England family fight for happiness during and after the Civil War. Drama | 121 mins.

WINE: Field of Stones Sauvignon Blanc 2016
Region: Marlborough, New Zealand
Although there have been other terrific adaptations of Louisa May Alcott’s novel, MGM’s lavish postwar version stands out both for its Technicolor beauty and for its leading lady, June Allyson. She provides the film’s vibrant center and its earthy appeal, which makes it a great film to watch while sipping this colorful New Zealand wine, complete with an appealing grassy edge. Read more >


July 8

08:00 PM (ET)

MOVIE: Bride of Frankenstein(1935)
Date: Saturday, July 8 @ 08:00 PM (ET)

To save his wife, Baron Frankenstein must build a mate for his monster. Horror/Science-Fiction | Black and White | 74 mins.

WINE: BSan Lucas Malbec 2015
Region: Mendoza, Argentina

This dark and tannic wine is befitting of a film from a darker genre, and director James Whale’s Bride of Frankenstein is as dryly entertaining and emotionally complex as Universal’s classic horror cycle ever got. Boris Karloff reprises his signature role as the Monster and Elsa Lanchester joins him as his Mate, an onscreen pairing for the ages. Read more >


Sept. 13

12:00 AM (ET)

MOVIE: My Fair Lady(1964)
DATE: Wednesday, September 13 @ 12:00 AM (ET)

Classic adventure about the sadistic Captain Bligh, who drove his men to revolt during a South Seas expedition. Adventure | Black and White | 132 mins.

WINE: Château du Clos Sainte-Anne Rosé 2015
Region: Bordeaux AOC, France
Few musicals are as sophisticated and elegant as perennial classic My Fair Lady, a turn-of-the century Pygmalion story starring Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn. For a truly ‘loverly’ pairing, sip this red fruited blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot while enjoying some of the finest music and spectacle that Hollywood has ever produced. Read more >


July 14

08:00 PM (ET)

MOVIE: Shadow of a Doubt(1943)
DATE:Friday, July 14 @ 08:00 PM (ET)

Two cowboys on the road to Alaska help a wagon train in trouble. Western | 96 mins.

WINE: Cinco Manos Pinot Noir 2014
Region: Colchagua Valley, Chile
Shadow of a Doubt brings uncertainty and tension into the typically serene middle-American home, making it an emotionally complex must-see that matches the fresh and complex character of this new world Pinot Noir from a much-lauded Chilean winery. Read more >

WINE: TCM Classic Film Festival Primitivo 2015
Region: Puglia IGP, Italy
The TCM Classic Film Festival honors the movies and talent that made Hollywood magic, with a handpicked selection of unforgettable films. Raise a glass to these masterpieces with this classic, old-vine Primitivo.
A headline event at TCM’s 2017 Classic Film Festival, Mike Nichols’ landmark film is still as potent and insightful as it was fifty years ago. The Graduate helped kick off a new and promising era in American cinema while expanding on decades of classic Hollywood storytelling techniques. Enjoy it with an old-world Primitivo, a wine of exciting aromas and flavors that is the result of centuries of winemaking expertise. Read more >


July 20

08:00 PM (ET)

MOVIE: A Tale of Two Cities(1935)
DATE: Thursday, July 20 @ 08:00 PM (ET)
Charles Dickens'''' classic story of two men in love with the same woman during the French Revolution. Black and White | 120 mins.

WINE: Lobo e Falcão 2015
Region: Vinho Regional Tejo IGT, Portugal

Match this wine from a royal falconry with a bit of eighteenth-century royal upheaval – by way of MGM and producer David O. Selznick. Ronald Colman stars as Charles Dickens’ memorable hero Sydney Carton in a lavish literary drama that is as full-bodied and flavorful as the velvety and spicy Portuguese red. Both are
beautiful examples of their craft. Read more >


July 23

08:00 PM (ET)


Sept. 10

01:15 PM (ET)

MOVIE: It Should Happen to You(1954)
DATE: Sunday, July 23 @ 08:00 PM (ET)
Sunday, September 10 @ 01:15 PM (ET)

A dizzy model in love with fame rents a billboard and puts her name on it.

WINE: Matervitae i Classici Fiano 2016
Region: Puglia IGT, Italy

This comic gem from director George Cukor stars Judy Holliday as an unknown who, in an attempt to become famous, puts her name on a New York City billboard. Her boyfriend (Jack Lemmon, in his debut role) is less than amused when she is romanced by rich media exec Peter Lawford. The ever-vibrant Holliday is the perfect screen presence for this luscious wine: fresh, bright and full of citrusy acidity. Read more >


July 25

08:00 PM (ET)


Sept. 4

11:45 AM (ET)

MOVIE: Woman of the Year(1942)
DATE: Saturday, July 15 @ 08:00 PM (ET)
Monday, September 4 @ 11:45 AM (ET)

A dizzy model in love with fame rents a billboard and puts her name on it.

WINE: Sentiero dei Pini Pinot Grigio 2016
Region: Venezie IGT, Italy

For this wine of palate-cleansing purity, start with the first of Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy’s many films together with this wartime romantic comedy from director George Stevens. It’s an essential, with Hepburn’s steely intelligence pitted against Tracy’s flinty everyman, and it makes a perfect match to a crisp, charming and well-balanced wine. Read more >


July 30

08:00 PM (ET)

MOVIE: The Age Of Innocence(1993)
DATE: Sunday, July 30 @ 08:00 PM (ET)

A 19th-century lawyer risks his place in society when he falls in love with his fiancee's married cousin. Romance | 139 mins.

WINE: Las Barracas Gran Reserva Tempranillo Cabernet 2009
Region: Catalunya DO, Spain
Martin Scorsese is primarily known for a string of tough-guy films, but here he turns his camera on an older New York and Edith Wharton’s literary society drama. Daniel Day-Lewis stars as Newland Archer, a man drawn between two women played by Michelle Pfeiffer and Winona Ryder. It’s a masterful and achingly restrained film that matches the maturity and mellow character of this delicious Spanish red. Read more >

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MOVIE: The Apartment(1960)
Currently Not Scheduled
The four daughters of a New England family fight for happiness during and after the Civil War. Drama | 121 mins.

WINE: Flynn Vineyards Pinot Gris 2015
Region: Oregon
Just as West Coast Pinot Gris was once a well-kept secret, Jack Lemmon’s onebedroom flat in The Apartment (1960) is at the center of a number of secrets. Affairs, that is. The winking charm of Billy Wilder’s award-winning classic is a great pairing for this lovely and crisp white, whose light flavors match the playful romance between Lemmon and costar Shirley MacLaine. Read more >




MOVIE: Desire(1936)
Currently Not Schedule
Before they can marry, two society types run off with lower-class loves. Black and White | 95 mins.

WINE: Altos R Pigeage Blanco 2014
Region: Rioja DOCa, Spain

Marlene Dietrich is at her alluring best in this romantic crime drama from producer Ernst Lubitsch. After stealing a valuable necklace in Paris, she ensnares an unwitting Gary Cooper and heads to northern Spain – the home of this rich and delicious white wine – where she ends up being the one seduced. Read more >


The movies have had a long and passionate love affair with wine. From zesty Zinfandels to crisp Chardonnays, an endless variety of wines have been seen on the silver screen, and drunk in abundance. In the silent era, Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle and Charles Chaplin used wine to generate big laughs in comedies such as Fatty’s Wine Party (1914) and The Adventurer (1917). Wine also encouraged wonderful flights of fancy in F. W. Murnau’s The Last Laugh (1924) and William A. Wellman’s Oscar-winning war drama Wings (1927). During this period director Alfred Hitchcock developed an interest in sparkling wines that lasted throughout his career and is apparent in many of his films including The Ring (1927) and Champagne (1927), which tells the story of a young heiress whose fortune rests in bottles of bubbly. Sparkling wines also make notable appearances in Hitchcock’s Shadow of a Doubt (1943), Rope (1948) and most famously, Notorious (1946), where keen-eyed viewers can spot the Master of Suspense sipping a glass of champagne in one of his many famous cameos.  [more...]


“Wine is like film, you can enjoy wine or movies on any level. You can enjoy them just for themselves or you can dive in and learn a little more. You can find out who the wine maker was, learn about the grape from which it was made and maybe that will enhance your enjoyment.” Justin Howard-Sneyd Master of Wine, Curator of the TCM Wine Club.


Enhance your enjoyment of the wines you receive with our detailed tasting notes. For each bottle you can read about the character of the grapes, the story of the winemakers and the region it comes from. Plus, the team at TCM provides great movie-pairing suggestions. Tune in, uncork and enjoy!


The film lovers at Turner Classic Movies take pride in matching every new bottle with a classic film that shares its characteristics, place of origin or other unique qualities. We engage in a spirited debate about which classic film best complements a varietal, and we encourage you to give these wines and movie pairings a try.


Your first case features three very special bonus bottles, including an exclusive release from filmmaker/winemaker Francis Ford Coppola. Every future shipment will include new movie-themed wines, from classic Hollywood-inspired labels like Sunset Boulevard Syrah to The Essentials, our exclusive range showcasing the world’s classic grape varieties.

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