“Merry Kentucky Fried Christmas!” Give Your Holiday Party A Down-Home Twist From A Surprising Source

by Paullette Gaudet
Turkey-LineHosted one too many an Ugly Christmas Sweater party this year? You’re not alone: It seems that even non-traditional Christmas celebrations have become a bit traditional these days. That old tasty stand-by of a Christmas Day Chinese food dinner for the non-Christian and/or turkey-fatigued might seem less special these days, especially if you just had take-out last week. How to create a standout-themed Christmas soiree? Look a little farther East, to Japan…

“Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii!” (Kentucky For Christmas!)
Since 1974, Christmas has equaled Kentucky in Japan. This marketing campaign followed on the heels of a group of foreigners who had to substitute fried chicken for their Christmas turkey (gobblers are all but non-existent in Japan). The “Kentucky for Christmas!” campaign became a national catchphrase, and today it’s possible to pre-order “Christmas Chicken” dinner buckets to avoid standing in hours-long, Christmas Eve lines.

And a side of wine with that -

Fried chicken pairs fantastically with wine: Crisp whites containing apple or pear notes work best, as do slightly sweet wines like gewürztraminer. Champagne (or sparkling wine, like cava) is also a great choice. Look for one that is not too dry (a little sweetness helps balance the chicken’s saltiness); also, for both white and sparkling wine, a little acidity is a good match for the oil and crisp fattiness of the fried chicken skin.

Buckets, bubbly, and a roll of paper towels: your holiday party prep is done!

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