by Paullette Gaudet

monster-movie-wines_blogThis spooky month of October is the perfect time to celebrate Monster Movies, a genre that has been a part of film history since 1896's Le Manoir du Diable by visionary director Georges Méliès, which packs pretty much every modern horror trope into three minutes. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1919) and Nosferatu (1922) are perhaps more familiar early examples, but horror films really took off with the advent of sound in the 1930's. During that time, 1931's hammy, stage-derived Dracula became the vampire template for the next few decades, while esteemed director James Whale imbued the films of Frankenstein (1931) and his Bride (1935) with both pathos and camp. Monster movies of the 1940's were overrun by werewolves (starting with 1941's The Wolf Man, starring Lon Chaney, Jr), while those of the 1950's were split between genetic mutations (Them! 1954) and extra-terrestrial visitors (Invasion of the Body Snatchers, 1956). The 1960's brought us the modern incarnation of zombies via George Romero's Night of the Living Dead (1968), a more athletic and bloodthirsty take on the undead than their original rendering in 1932's White Zombie.

Even with all of these cinematic thrills and chills to choose from, the question remains: which wine to drink, while peeking at the screen through your fingers?? We suggest the Saracosa 2014 (Rosso di Toscana IGP, Italy), a Super Tuscan blend that surprises and delights with the punch of spicy berry notes. Worried you'll drop your glass during a good scream and stain the carpet?? Try this Blanco 2014 from Altos de la Guardia (Rioja DOCa, Spain) and enjoy its cheekily complex flavors while keeping clean-up to a minimum. Happy Scary Movie Watching!!!