by Paullette Gaudet

Mother's Day Mambo_blogExcuse me, but exactly when did breakfast food become the official sponsor of all Mother’s Day celebrations??! From woefully undercooked pancakes presented to sleepy moms by their single-digit-age moppets to those traditional, over-priced Sunday Brunch reservations, Mother’s Day tributes as a whole are sadly bereft of both imagination and, well…alcohol. Brunch technically affords the opportunity for mimosas, but good luck flagging your server down for a refill on a busy prix fixe afternoon.

A better option is treating Mom to a home mimosa tasting (you can provide the obligatory pancake breakfast if you wish, perhaps by utilizing that great benefit of adulthood, catering). Offer Mom and her guests several types of sparkling wine (Extra-Brut, Brut, and Extra-Dry for a range of sweetness; Prosecco, Cava, and Sekt for a range of countries), as well as a variety of more exotic juices such as guava and blood-orange (just imagine Prosecco’s sweetness matched with tart pineapple!). A good mimosa ratio-of-thumb is one part juice (poured first in the glass, to avoid excessive foaming) to three parts bubbly, but of course adjust as Mom desires—after all, it’s her day.

If Mom prefers her wine bubble-free, offer to be the designated driver and whisk her (and her Mom-friends) away for an afternoon winery tour! A walk among grapevines with family and friends will make for a memorable Mother’s Day. Be sure to pay special attention to her favorite sample pours, and discreetly purchase a bottle or two to leave her with when you drop her safely home.

However you celebrate the day this year (yes, even if it’s with brunch), remember to raise a glass in thanks to the woman who made you who you are!!