by Sarah Shotwell

Movie Munchies_BlogNo movie night is complete without a selection of sweet and savory snacks on hand and a long pour of your favorite wine. Today, more and more movie theaters are even offering fine wines on premise to pair with their popcorn! But what are the best pairings for movie munching? We’ve put these film house-inspired classics to the test, pairing them with some of our favorite varietals, and we were quite pleased with the results!

Buttery Popcorn with Cabernet Sauvignon

Crunchy, salty popcorn is best complimented by a wine with bold fruit and firm tannins that can cut through the butter, cleansing the palate and prepping it for the next mouthful.

Caramel Chocolates and Sparkling

Pair these little nuggets with a splash of something lightly sweet and bubbly, like Lambrusco or Demi-sec Champagne.

Black Licorice and Zin

This spicy candy, whatever shape it takes, pairs best with something bold and plummy with lots of dark fruit, like a California Zin.

Sour Candy with Gewürztraminer

Wince-inducing sour gummies are a favorite for movie night. Soothing the sour is the perfect job for a semi-sweet Gewürz with a touch of residual sugar and a palate of lush tropical fruit.

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