by Paullette Gaudet

Income Tax Movies_Blog

Tax Time is here, and so is the itch to procrastinate: what's a law-abiding movie buff to do?? This situation does indeed have a loophole: the Income Tax Movie! As early as the 1930's, a surprising number of films feature the IRS in a leading role. Watch one (with that wine you were going to drink today anyway), and it's almost like doing your taxes...

The Shawshank Redemption (1994): Frank Darabont's directorial debut proves that knowing your way around the tax code will always come in handy, even behind bars: watch inmate Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins)'s life begin to improve just as quick as you can say "spousal gift tax exclusion." Pair this flick with the rich blackberry notes of Altos de la Guardia Tempranillo 2015 Rioja DOCa, Spain.

The Mating Game (1959): The Larkins are a charming rural family of income tax evaders, investigated by tax man Charley Charlton (Tony Randall). Will eldest daughter Mariette (Debbie Reynolds) and Pa's moonshine be enough to distract the IRS man from his case? Pour a glass of Bee's Knees Viognier 2015 Stellenbosch WO, South Africa and sip along with the Larkins!

Say Anything (1989): Cameron Crowe's romantic slice-of-life reminds us that while boom boxes may be powerless against the IRS, they're pretty great at melting cynical hearts. Try watching this classic with the ripe mineral citrus of Tangent 'Block Selection' Grenache Blanc 2015 Edna Valley, California.