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Orson Welles Signature Selection Merlot 2013
Paso Robles, California

The Magnificent Ambersons(1942)
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Many experts consider Orson Welles' second film to be his best work, which is high praise, indeed. Coming after the dynamic Citizen Kane, his adaptation of The Magnificent Ambersons is a mellower and mature film, which makes it the ideal pairing for Merlot’s velvety texture and soft tannins. But don’t underestimate its boldness – the film was daring enough to be notoriously re-edited by RKO before its release.


Our inaugural Orson Welles Signature Selection release is, fittingly, as complex and versatile as its namesake. Sourced from a top Paso Robles boutique, this hand-harvested, oakaged Merlot shows all the richness of California’s exceptional 2013 vintage – which, according to critics and winemakers alike, will go down in history as one of the greatest in recent memory. With its silky texture, waves of intense red cherry and strawberry flavor, plus notes of white pepper and vanilla on the finish, it's a wine that's sure to be a star on your dinner table.


Merlot makes some of the most expensive and sought-after wines in the world. For instance: Merlot-dominant Pétrus is one of Bordeaux's most famous wines – and it sells for $1,000-plus a bottle. Deep purple in color and generally known for its smoothness, forest fruit aromas and flavors of plums and black currants, Merlot loves to be barrel-aged, often taking on even more silky richness, plus notes of tobacco and spice.


regionPaso Robles is California's most exciting region for full-flavor, top-value wines (Wine Spectator’s Tim Fish calls it "one of California’s most dynamic regions"). Its grapes were once sent north to Napa to bulk up other (pricier!) wines. Today, thanks to a recent quality revolution, the fruit stays home. The region's hot days, cool nights and long growing season are ideal for cultivating red and white grapes.


This versatile Merlot has major oomph – and it's just begging to be paired with a plate of equally hearty food. Roast beef with caramelized cipollini onions is a great choice for red meat fans. Pork medallions in a red wine/ shallot reduction or crispy duck tacos are also delicious picks. Other ideal pairings include classic beef stews or meatball sandwiches.

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