Movie & Wine Pairing


Orvini 2015
Abboccato Orvieto Classico DOC, Italy

Marriage, Italian Style (1964)

When it comes to pairing film with Italian wine, you can’t go wrong with the delicious and iconic Sophia Loren for indelible entertainment. Still going strong in her seventh decade on film, Loren’s signature performance is perhaps in this romantic comedy from director Vittorio De Sica – starring opposite her longtime friend Marcello Mastroianni.


Orvieto is Umbria’s – and one of Italy’s – best-known whites. To give you a seriously fine taste, our Italian wine expert, Davy, turned to his friend Marina Barbi, head winemaker at the acclaimed (and breathtaking, see below) Decugnano dei Barbi.

Though the fashion for bone-dry whites has led to an overflow of crisp (and simple) Orvieto, Marina’s classic, semi-dry abboccato – literally meaning ‘palatable’ – is what many Italians consider to be the real Orvieto. And the word ‘Classico’ on the label indicates a step up in quality, as the grapes were grown in Orvieto’s original, central zone. Rich in chalky, limestone soils, the area is known for producing especially characterful grapes. (Marina painstakingly hand harvested her fruit in the early morning, to preserve all the pristine aromas and flavors – which were at their ripe, concentrated best, thanks to the stellar 2015 vintage.) Umbrian star grape Grechetto makes up the majority of the blend, with splashes of Procanico (the local name for Trebbiano), Drupeggio, Malvasia, and Vermentino


VY_Italy_Umbria_DecugnanoBarbiEstate“Tuscany’s lesser-known neighbor is stirring up a scene in the heart of Italy” (Wine Spectator). Though it’s Italy’s fourth-smallest region, Umbria’s rolling hills and warm, dry climate (similar to Tuscany’s, but cooler, thanks to the Tiber River) are ideal for viticulture. Once an important Etruscan city, Orvieto is also home to an impressive network of cellars, hewn into the rock 3,000 years ago.


latin_chickenfajitasWe love pairing sweeter wines with foods that offer punchy spice. Indian curries, New Orleans-style shrimp boils, or jalapeño-topped fish tacos would all be tasty picks. If you’re not into spicy foods, try seafood with a hint of something sweet. Plank-grilled salmon topped with a peach salsa will bring out the stone fruit flavors in the wine. Yum!

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