Movie & Wine Pairing


Palha Canas 2017
Vinho Regional Lisboa, Portugal

Rooster Cogburn (1975)

This white blend was made from old vines that continue to produce delicious flavors in each glass; enjoy it with a couple of Hollywood’s biggest stars who still haven’t lost their power or appeal. Katharine Hepburn joins John Wayne in this sequel to 1969’s True Grit. It would be their only pairing, with Hepburn as a Christian missionary who joins Wayne’s titular U.S. Marshal in pursuit of a band of murderous criminals, but their mutual admiration is apparent in every frame of this entertaining Western.


Our customers love Portugal’s luscious reds, so we’re thrilled to give you a taste of the country’s equally thrilling whites. Palha Canas hails from the renowned Casa Santos Lima and head winemaker Diogo Sepúlveda (the talented team behind our best-selling Stones & Bones wines). Crafted with a blend of native Portuguese grapes and star international varieties (see below) grown in the estate’s most premium vineyards, this lovely white debuted to gold medals at two prestigious shows. With ripe, tropical- and citrus-fruit flavors and a fresh mineral character, Palha Canas will delight with seafood – see over for Diogo’s recommendations.


Portugal’s indigenous grapes grow on gnarled, old vines that produce wonderful flavors – often at outstanding prices. In recent years, Portugal’s previously little-known boutiques have modernized, and are gaining acclaim for their top-notch wines. No wonder Wine Spectator’s Matt Kramer calls it “the most exciting wine place on the planet today.”


WM_Diogo_Sepulveda_VilaVerdePalha Canas is a masterful blend of native Portuguese grapes and star international varieties. Portugal’s Fernão Pires (35%) gives aromatic complexity and fruity notes, while Arinto (30%) imparts lively, refreshing acidity, ripe citrus flavors, and subtle mineral characters. Diogo chose to add Viognier (20%) and Chardonnay (15%) to give tropical fruit notes and fullness to the final wine.


fish_stuffedwhtwneglsDiogo recommends serving this expressive white with classic Portuguese seafood dishes like cataplana (a seafood stew cooked in a shallow pot of the same name) or bacalhau (dried and salted cod). You could also go for baked white fish, shrimp tacos, or simple fresh oysters. If you’re not a seafood fan, try Palha Canas with summer salads or grilled chicken or pork.

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