Movie & Wine Pairing


Pardimiglio 2016
Est! Est!! Est!!! di Montefiascone DOC, Italy

Theodora Goes Wild (1936)

A zesty film for a zesty wine! This overlooked screwball comedy is a true hidden gem, starring Irene Dunne as a church organist with a secret career as an author of racy novels. Opposite her is Melvyn Douglas as her book illustrator, who also happens to be a member of a prominent New York political family – and Theodora’s romantic interest. Both actors were new to comedy, but pull off the parts brilliantly. It’s the perfect match for a refreshing new wine from an overlooked Italian appellation.


This zesty, citrus-packed Roman find comes from central Italy’s curiously named appellation Est! Est!! Est!!! di Montefiascone (see below for the fun story) and father-son winemaking team Roberto and Paolo Trappolini. They have a deft touch with Italy’s native grapes, and craft this enticing blend of Trebbiano, Malvasia, and Rossetto from their 20-year-old hillside vines near the picturesque Lake Bolsena. With its ripe peach and citrus flavors, it’s a refreshing aperitif or fine match for seafood.


Legend has it that in the year 1111, a wineloving bishop traveling through Italy sent his servant Martino ahead to identify inns with particularly good wine. Each door he’d mark with the word ‘Est!’ (short for ‘vinum est bonum’ – ‘there’s good wine here’). So impressed was Martino with Montefiascone that the bishop arrived to see doors bearing scrawls of ‘Est! Est!! Est!!!’ He fell in love with the wine (and as the story goes, never left). From that day on, the name became official – exclamation points and all.


GI_grapes_white_onvine_sunIn the talented hands of Roberto and Paolo, Trebbiano (aka Ugni Blanc in France) becomes so much more than the ‘workhorse’ white that it’s traditionally been known as. Here, Trebbiano imparts ripe, orchard- and citrus-fruit flavors to the wine, while Malvasia delivers freshness and a lovely aromatic character. A dash of Rossetto adds notes of almond and honey blossom.


shell_shrimpBBQ_skewersAs the name of this appellation implies, Pardimiglio is delicious enough to enjoy all on its own. However, Roberto and Paolo suggest serving it alongside fritto misto (lightly fried seafood). Try it with pan-fried trout filets with a squeeze of lemon, or fried shrimp with a honey and mild Asian chili sauce. Another tasty match would be a mixed green salad with grilled chicken.

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