Movie & Wine Pairing


Pierre Brecht Cuvée Cinq 2018
Alsace AOC, France

On the Town (1949)
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Match a blend of three white grapes with three sailors on leave in the Big Apple. On the Town is true to its name: it features several of the era’s biggest musical stars (including Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra) singing and dancing on location in postwar New York, and it’s one of the best Technicolor musicals ever produced by MGM. This delightful French white, with its ripe peach, pear, and apple blossom notes, is a fitting accompaniment to such an enjoyable film.


Our friends the Gisselbrecht family craft some of the finest wines in France’s premium Alsace region at their awardwinning, 350-year-old cellar. Today, brothers Philippe and Claude are at the helm, and we can’t wait for you to taste their latest masterpiece. Ever the quality sticklers, the brothers took five tries to get the recipe just right – hence the name, Cuvée Cinq. Marrying star grapes Riesling (65%), Gewurztraminer (18%), and Muscat (aka Moscato, 17%), this dazzling white boasts a Gilbert & Gaillard gold medal and layers of ripe, stone-fruit flavor.


Located on the eastern edge of France, right on the German border, Alsace is a breathtaking, mountainous region that’s adored by white wine fans – especially Riesling and Gewurztraminer lovers – the world over. The region’s steep slopes, abundant sunshine (it’s the sunniest appellation in all of France), and the wind-shielding Vosges mountains all help give the wines a pristine freshness.


VY_France_AlsaceOriginally from Germany’s Rhine region, Riesling is an aromatic variety that’s prized by critics and winemakers alike. Rieslings from Alsace are just as characterful as their German counterparts, and run the gamut from bone dry to lusciously sweet. In Cuvée Cinq, Riesling is married with opulent Gewurztraminer and aromatic Muscat to produce a lusciously fruity, yet fresh and dry, white.


asian_veggiepotThe Gisselbrecht family’s unique Alsatian white has loads of luscious fruit flavor, which makes it a delicious aperitif or a tasty partner for mildly spicy dishes. Try it alongside simple pad Thai, chicken tikka masala, or fish tacos with a cilantro lime slaw. Speaking of seafood, this will also shine with tangy grilled shrimp, baked tilapia, or even sushi and sashimi.

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