by Sarah Shotwell

Robert Osborne_blogIt has been a week and a half since we said goodbye to TCM Icon Robert Osborne. Since March 6th, it has been truly heartwarming to watch the world process this tragic and deeply felt loss, as writers, actors, producers, and fans have come forward to share their memories of this remarkable man.

Robert was originally from Washington, where he studied journalism. When he was a young man, he worked with Lucille Ball at Desilu Studios, and that experience helped kickstart his career as a movie writer. During his life, Robert worked in numerous capacities within the industry as a reporter, commentator, host, writer, and even actor. Robert reviewed Broadway plays and films professionally for years before finally settling down at TCM, where he hosted four movies a night, seven days a week. It has been because of his platform at TCM that Robert became a household fixture and voice of the movies for many American families over the decades. Truly, Mr. Osborne was acclaimed and respected as a film critic and writer. As many people have said over the last several days, the man knew his movies like none other. But even more than that, it seems that the world agrees that as much as he loved the movies and was a well of keen insight, it was his person that will be missed most of all. He was admired for his knowledge, but is beloved for his character and kindness. Writer after writer has said it in the last several days, and they couldn’t me more on the mark. Today, at the TCM Wine Club, we raise a glass to you, Robert. Thank you for all the memories, and for all the passion you shared with us over the years.