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Raymond ‘The Inaugural’ Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Leave Her to Heaven (1945)

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Bringing rich cherry, black currant and peppery aromas to the nose, the thickskinned grapes that compose this delicious red are a perfect metaphor for Gene Tierney's thick-skinned villainess in Leave Her to Heaven. A film noir shot in rich Technicolor, and featuring one of the most chilling female protagonists of the 1940s, this film has only increased in critical estimation since its release – just as this barrel-aged Cabernet reveals its colorful complexities over time.


"Jean-Charles Boisset seems to be pulling out all the stops to create something very special with these wines." That's serious praise from Robert Parker for Jean-Charles, the dynamic owner of Raymond (Wine Enthusiast's 2012 American Winery of the Year). And just a sip of this lovely Cab will explain the hype. The previous release won gold in San Francisco, and the new 2015 is just as impressive. Made with premium grapes from top-sited vineyards throughout the Central Coast, The Inaugural is a perfectly barrel-aged example of what happens when you combine a stellar year and an equally stellar winemaker, like Stephanie Putnam.


winemakerYou’ll find some of the world’s most soughtafter Cab in California, and Stephanie (here with Jean-Charles) has certainly crafted her share. This past Cabernet of the Year winner (The Wine News) helped build the reputations of top Napa estates, including Far Niente and Hess. Like many elite winemakers, she holds a coveted degree from the UC Davis wine program.


Cabernet Sauvignon is arguably the world's most noble red grape – grown in nearly every wine-producing country across the globe. Its popularity among growers is often attributed to ease of cultivation – it's a grape with thick skins and hardy vines that are resistant to rot and frost. And it's always a hit with wine lovers thanks to its ability to produce rich, black currant-filled, long-lived reds.


Stephanie and Jean-Charles have a friendly banter going over the dish that makes the most delicious pairing with this fruit packed, barrel-aged red. Stephanie’s pick: anything BBQ, particularly beef short ribs or kebabs. But Jean- Charles sticks to his French roots and votes for steak frites. We’re in favor of anything rich and meaty, like Italian-style, beef-stuffed pasta shells.

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