by Paullette Gaudet

RedWineStain1_blog“Red wine, or white?” is usually the easiest choice of the night at any given party, unless you favor reds and are attending a more formal event where the risk of meeting a future employer/client/in-law with purple-stained teeth forces you to abstain from your usual poison. If you’re tired of choking down Chablis at high-stakes events when you’d much rather sip Sangiovese, a new solution is nigh: tooth gloss!

These portable tubes of clear dental gloss provide both shine and stain protection on-the-run, and many boast teeth-whitening properties, to boot. White wine drinkers can also join in on the fun: tooth gloss comes in tubes, pens and power swabs, and is a quick way to freshen breath between Chardonnay refills or erase enamel stains from, say, that second slice of cherry pie. Arm yourself to the teeth and smile without fear!

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