by Sarah Shotwell

Rias Baixas_Region SpotlightRias Baixas (Lower Inlets) is home to the impressive Sendero Des Santos Albariño featured in our current TCM Wine Club shipment. On the southwestern coast of Galicia, Rias Baixas is a damp, cool winegrowing region just to the north of Portugal. Here, the coastline is made up of four different Rias: small, funnel-shaped coastal inlets that send ocean water inland, where it mingles with fresh river water.

The thick-skinned Albariño grape thrives in Galicia’s cooler climate. In fact, Albariño, a beautiful, fresh, aromatic varietal with incredible food-pairing potential, originated here back in the 12th Century, when German monks brought the original clones from Northern Europe. For this reason, it is believed to be a close relative of Riesling, and contains many of the aromatic, floral, and acidic qualities of its teutonic cousin. Rias Baixas is also home to a thriving fishing community, and in towns like Cambados, visitors will be thrilled to find Albariño paired with exotic local mariscos (seafood) such as pulpo (octopus), percebes (goose barnacles), and nécora (velvet crab). Here at home, as the days get warmer and longer, white wine season is fast approaching. We look forward to pairing this with the first spring catch!

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