Movie & Wine Pairing


Réserve de Luch Pinot Noir 2018
Pays d’Oc IGP, France

Shane (1953)

For a balanced, clean, “friendly” wine like this Pinot Noir, you can’t go wrong with the expertly crafted Alan Ladd Western, Shane. It’s a story painted in broad strokes, with the reformed gunslinger (Ladd) acting as a mentor and role model to the young Brandon deWilde, whose family home is threatened by a land-grubbing cattle baron. It’s not a spoiler to say that the good guy prevails in the end – but it’s nonetheless a heartbreaker


France’s Burgundy region produces the world’s finest Pinot Noir – but often at ultra-expensive prices. For similarly elegant flavor and fantastic value, savvy Pinot fans turn to southern France. Réserve de Luch hails from the renowned Bonfils family and boasts a gold medal from Gilbert & Gaillard judges, who called it “balanced and clean ... a very friendly wine.” You’re in for layers of ripe, redfruit flavor, balanced by toasty spice notes, thanks to a portion of the wine aging in French oak barrels for six months.


Nicknamed “The Heartbreak Grape,” Pinot Noir is infamously difficult to grow. The same thin skin that’s responsible for giving the wines their trademark, pale color also renders the grape susceptible to vineyard maladies and damage from harsh weather. Pinot ripens early and thrives in cool climates – while its spiritual homeland is the Côte d’Or in France’s Burgundy, it has found a delicious new character in cooler corners of New Zealand, Oregon, and California, all of which produce world-class Pinot.


WM_BonfilsFamilyThe Bonfils family (inset) have a rich winemaking heritage that stretches back to 1870. Their Château Millegrand is one of the Languedoc region’s leading estates, ranked by the DussertGerber Wine Guide as ‘Premier Grand Vin Classé.’ One of the Bonfils’ trademarks: they use the same oak barrels favored by Bordeaux’s famed Château Gruaud Larose (whose reds can fetch over $100 a bottle).


fish_salmonsteak_grlldWhile you can enjoy this fine French Réserve on its own, it will really shine with food. Pinot Noir makes a delicious match for meaty fish, from plank-grilled salmon to tuna steaks. You could also serve it with roasted turkey (Pinot is the perfect Thanksgiving red), grilled chicken, or herbed pork tenderloin. Vegetarian? Try creamy mushroom risotto or vegetable lasagna.

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