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Ridgerider Cellars Chardonnay 2014
Central Coast, California

North by Northwest (1959)
THURSDAY, JUNE 15 @ 05:30 PM (ET)
MONDAY, JULY 10 @ 03:30 AM (ET)

Like the inviting flavors in this eminently drinkable Central Coast Chardonnay, Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest has it all. Cary Grant’s wrong-man story is the perfect blend of action, comedy and romance, capped by a thrilling finale on Mt. Rushmore. It’s best accompanied by this enticing wine that has something for everyone – apple, pear, warm vanilla and a hint of oak.


A trio of superb vintages (2012, 2013 and now 2014) have sent quality in California through the roof. We're thrilled to unveil this plush, top-vintage taste of the Golden State's classic white from the Miller family, who own some of the Central Coast's best vineyards. In the glass, this Chardonnay's all about super-ripe fruit. You’re in for waves of aromatic apple, pear and melon. There's notes of warm vanilla too, courtesy of fermentation in fine oak.


The hugely talented Aaron Mercer has a post-graduate in oenology from the University of Adelaide in Australia, and has worked at top estates in Germany (the Mosel), France (Gaillac), Paso Robles and beyond. In the cellar, he's all about capturing pure, unadulterated fruit flavors. In 2014, the glorious ripeness of the vintage really played into his hands. His use of barrel fermentation (a quality technique used in the production of many world-class whites like this) helps add a ripe, round mouthfeel to your wine.


Chardonnay is the world's most popular white grape, due to its attractive, mouthfilling flavors and ability to grow well in a range of climates. It performs most majestically (and expensively) in the vineyards of Chablis and Côte d’Or in Burgundy, but it also thrives in California hot spots like Napa, Sonoma and of course, the Central Coast (pictured left).


The smooth texture and ripe -fruited nature of this fine Chardonnay make it a perfect aperitif. With food, Aaron recommends pairing it with roasted chicken, pork or salads that incorporate nuts. It’d also be a great bottle to tote along to a wine-and-cheese party – you could sip it with creamy cheeses like Brie, or firmer varieties like Gouda and Manchego.

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