Movie & Wine Pairing


Saint Tropez Vermentino 2016
Côtes de Provence AOP, France

Pat and Mike (1952)
SATURDAY, MAY 19 @ 10:00 PM (ET)

In a script written specifically for them, Tracy and Hepburn shine just as brightly as this vibrant Vermentino, a citrusy pleasure. As a star tennis player and a gruff sports promoter, they share a chemistry that few other screen couples could manage. You can’t help but be swept up – either by the romance onscreen or the lively flavors in your glass.


You might know France’s premium Provence region for its legendary rosé wines, but it’s also home to a host of stunning whites. Taste the proof with this vibrant, new Vermentino from the renowned Bréban family and the only village cellar in fashionable Saint Tropez. Thanks to the region’s fantastic 2016 vintage, this overflows with lively, citrus-fruit flavors, plus subtle white flower characters and hints of fresh minerality. Sip a glass on its own (preferably while reclining poolside or seaside!), or enjoy it alongside crisp salads or simple seafood dishes.


Prized for its fruity aromas and tantalizingly fresh acidity, Vermentino is “a dazzling white grape with bright flavors that shine,” says top critic Olly Smith. The first recorded mention of the grape was in the mid-1600s (where it appeared as fermentino). Originally from northern Italy, Vermentino is gaining international interest in France, Australia, and beyond. But wherever it’s grown, it’s so tasty that we predict it’ll soon be as popular as Pinot Grigio ..


GI_France_SaintTropezWhile Provence is most famous for world-class rosé, it also produces seriously elegant white wines, like Saint Tropez Vermentino. This gorgeously sunny region boasts an impressive amount of vineyards (nearly 70,000 acres!), and its limestone slopes provide the perfect foundation for vine growing. Up above, warm, sunny days and cool sea breezes help yield ripe, fruity, and fresh grapes.


fish_whitefish_overveggiesOne sip of this lovely, vibrant Vermentino, and you’ll find yourself transported to the sunny Mediterranean. Take inspiration from this vision and serve it with seafood dishes like calamari in pesto, herbed mussels and pasta, or simply cooked white fish. Vegetarians can enjoy it alongside crisp salads, stuffed peppers, or Middle Eastern-style lentils and rice.

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