Movie & Wine Pairing


Schroeder Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2017
Patagonia, Argentina

The Black Swan (1942)

A beautifully balanced red wine with notes of rich dark fruit calls for a film experience of equal allure. Try movie idol Tyrone Power’s swashbuckling role in this impressively crafted adaptation of the classic novel by Rafael Sabatini. Power stars as a reformed pirate tasked with cleaning up the Caribbean, opposite Maureen O’Hara as the beautiful daughter of the former governor of Jamaica. Pour a glass of this Argentine Cab and settle in for an unforgettable adventure.


We went to the edge of the Earth – or at least, pretty close – to bring you this flavor-packed Cabernet from Schroeder Estate. Home to some of the world’s southernmost vineyards, Patagonia is a crazy place to make wine. The Schroeder's talented winemaker, Leonardo Puppato (below), really shows off his talents here: his bold Cabernet boasts a history of gold-medal acclaim, plus a delightful balance of fruit freshness and rich, complex flavors. A must-try for Cabernet lovers.


The Schroeder family have braved the elements in Patagonia since 1927, winning golds and 90-plus Wine Advocate scores for wines “reminiscent of top-quality Bordeaux ... that Master Sommeliers should love.” Their estate is tall – 72 feet at its max height – which allows them to use gravity during the entire winemaking process. From grape selection at level one, down to separate levels for their state-of-the-art presses and tanks and a barrel room, this method is very eco-friendly.


WM_LeonardoPuppato_SchroederPatagonia’s endless sun, cold nights, and unrelenting Antarctic winds produce tight clusters of dark, intensely flavored grapes. Undisturbed for 80 million years, the region’s fast-draining soil is the purest on Earth. It’s an incredible foundation for a vineyard – provided the winemaker doesn’t mind discovering a few dinosaur bones (estate owner Roberto Schroeder is very proud of his collection).


burg_withsauteedonionsAt Schroeder Estate’s fine dining restaurant, Saurus, they serve their rich Cabernet with classic Argentine skirt steak, smothered in chimichurri sauce. It’s equally delicious with juicy steaks, pork roasts, or even simple cheeseburgers – melted Cheddar or smoked Gouda will play off the wine’s savory character. Speaking of Cheddar, a slice of it would also be a great match!

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