Movie & Wine Pairing


Schroeder Estate Malbec 2015
Patagonia, Argentina

Wait Until Dark (1967)
MONDAY, JUNE 19 @ 10:15 PM (ET)
SUNDAY, JULY 23 @ 06:00 PM (ET)

Audrey Hepburn is one of the great screen icons, known primarily for her lighter romantic roles. But in this thriller directed by Terence Young (fresh off of three early James Bond classics), her character is befitting of a dark, intense red like this rich Malbec. Savor its complexities while Audrey’s vulnerable character outwits a group of con-men led by Alan Arkin.


The Schroeder family have braved the elements in Argentina’s remote Patagonia since 1927, regularly winning gold medals and 90-plus Wine Advocate scores for wines “reminiscent of top-quality Bordeaux.” In a region already known for quality-focused, boutique wineries, the Schroeders lead the charge with distinctive, consistently high-class selections – no wonder there, as worldrenowned consultant Paul Hobbs works in their cellar. This 2015 is packed with dark fruit and has a savory, food-friendly edge ( and , sports a silver medal from Vinandino , a top Argentine competition).


Patagonia is a vinegrower’s dream – provided you don’t mind discovering dinosaur bones in the vineyard! Parts of this region haven’t been disturbed for 80 million years, and dozens of bones from the Titanosaur – one of the largest dinos of all – have been unearthed at Schroeder. It’s a big part of the winery’s culture, and the inspiration for the name of their acclaimed restaurant (and a few special cuvées), ‘Saurus.’


Patagonia is home to Argentina’s southernmost vineyards. This frontier is buffeted by icy-cold Antarctic winds, which produce uniquely tight clusters of tiny, thick-skinned grapes and reds of serious color and flavor. Temperatures are cooler here, but the famed La Zonda wind has a warming influence as it blows through the Andes. Then there’s the pure, fast-draining soil – ideal for growing grapes.


If you’re in Patagonia, a visit to Schroeder Estate is a must (tell them we sent you!). And, there’s no place like Saurus to enjoy the wines. Boasting nearly 200 rave reviews on, the restaurant’s famed for its cuisine. There (or in your own dining room), we’d recommend this Malbec with grilled skirt steak, beef Wellington or garlicky pork.

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