Movie & Wine Pairing


Schroeder Estate Pinot Noir 2015
Patagonia, Argentina

The Far Country (1954)
MONDAY, MAY 8 @ 08:00 PM (ET)

James Stewart and director Anthony Mann made eight Westerns together in the 1950s, but The Far Country, set in Alaska during the Klondike Gold Rush, pairs especially well with a wine that comes from southern Argentina, a region chilled by Antarctic winds. So often a likeable everyman, Stewart here plays a complicated hero, befitting Pinot Noir that displays such sublime complexity.


Welcome to Patagonia, Argentina’s extreme southern frontier. The Schroeder family have braved the elements here since 1927, regularly winning golds and 90-plus Wine Advocate scores for wines “that master sommeliers should love.” This ripe, 2015 Pinot arrival continues the tradition with its much-deserved gold medals from Mondial des Pinots and the China Wine & Spirits Awards. Packed with juicy, red-fruit flavors and silky tannins, this gem is guaranteed to delight – take a sip and let us know what you think.


Patagonia is home to Argentina’s southernmost vineyards. This extreme frontier is buffeted by icy-cold Antarctic winds, which help to produce uniquely tight clusters of tiny, thick-skinned Pinot Noir grapes – making for serious color and flavor in the glass. While it’s cooler here, the harsh edge is taken off by another, warmer wind, La Zonda, that whistles through the mountains. Patagonia’s other trademark is its fast-draining soil – some of the purest on Earth, and perfect for grape growing


Patagonia is truly a vinegrower’s dream – provided he or she doesn’t mind discovering dinosaur bones in their vineyard! Parts of this region haven’t been disturbed for 80 million years, and quite a few bones from the Titanosaur – one of the largest dinos of all – have been unearthed at Schroeder. It’s such a big part of the winery’s culture, they named their restaurant (and a few special cuvées) ‘Saurus.’


If you’re ever lucky enough to enjoy a fine meal at Saurus, you could expect this classy Pinot Noir to be served with one of their traditional Patagonian creations like bife de chorizo (flame-grilled strip steak) or carré de cerdo marinado (spicy, marinated pork chops). At home, try with grilled skirt steak, lamb shank or even plank-grilled salmon.

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