By Paullette Gaudet
When Time isn’t busy healing-all-wounds or making-hearts-grow-fonder, it can often be found moonlighting in the proving-uncomfortable-truths department. One of those tricky things you only learn with age is that a person really CAN have everything, which is fantastic for them but distressing to the well-intentioned gift-giver.

But never fear! Another gift-giving cliché also eventually proven true with time: It is, indeed, the thought that counts. This year, offer your well-appointed friends the gift of organizing an item they already own!

DIFT (Do-It-For-Them) Wine Journals: Personal wine journals—those battered repositories of the soaked-off labels from cherished bottles, keepers of scrawled varietals and vintages blurred by wineglass rings!—run the gamut from cheap spiral notebooks to hand stitched leather-bound tomes, but they tend to have two things in common:

  • They are abandoned half-way through


  • They are illegible

These flaws can—and should—be fixed! Here’s the prep checklist:

  • Secretly obtain the giftee’s current wine journal via an accomplice family member, spouse or partner
  • Gather as much intel as possible on existing entries: correct spellings and dates, any names of fellow party guests, match wine labels to correct journal entries
  • Track down photos of events/vacations mentioned and make copies
  • Cross-reference your own wine journal to see if that may provide further information/photos
  • Purchase a pristine wine journal with enough room for existing content with room to grow


Now comes the fun part: armed with a glue gun and intimate knowledge of your friend’s aesthetic tastes, reassemble their wine journal into a functional—and most important, legible—work of art that preserves their current stash of memories and provides inspiration for archiving new ones. If possible, add a bottle of a long-forgotten, fondly mentioned wine with your newly-wrapped gift of cherished personal history.

Happy Holidays!