Movie & Wine Pairing


Selección Numerada 29 ‘Partida Encontrada No. 3’ 2015
Vino Tinto, Spain

Cowboy (1958)

Hints of leather in this spicy Tempranillo suggest a classic Western. Look no further than this story of a cattle driver (Glenn Ford) who takes a wannabe cowboy (Jack Lemmon) under his wing. Director Delmer Daves made several praiseworthy Western films in the 1950s, including Broken Arrow and 3:10 to Yuma; his expertise and love for the genre was no doubt aided by the time he spent on Hopi and Navajo reservations in his youth. Armed with the likes of Lemmon and Ford, this movie is a must-see.


Our Spain expert, Beth Willard, has connections at many of the country’s most renowned bodegas. So when one of these estates needed to make a little extra room in their cellar, Beth was their first call. The only condition for an exclusive, friends-only price on this special-selection Tempranillo? We can’t name the cellar – their regular customers pay much more than you.

Selección Numerada 29 hails from high-altitude vineyards, where brilliant sunshine and cooling breezes help the gnarled, old Tempranillo vines to produce seriously ripe, fresh fruit. The team hand harvested the grapes, then took them back to the winery for the star treatment. Fermentation in American and French oak barrels, plus two years of additional barrel aging, gave the wine an elegant, silky structure, and imparted hints of leather, spice, and vanilla to the vibrant strawberry and black cherry flavors. While you can absolutely enjoy this wine on its own, Tempranillo is always a hit on the dinner table – see over for our favorite food pairings.


VY_Spain_Rioja_mountainsTempranillo makes some of Spain’s (and the world’s) best reds. From the word temprano (‘early’) it ripens before most other red grapes, especially in warm, sunny climates. Dark and thickskinned, it’s made to be barrel aged – typically in American oak (for vanilla-rich complexity), though some winemakers prefer French barrels. Either way – the longer the aging, the more mellow the wine.


lamb_roast_lamb_and_potatoesWhen it comes to mellow, foodfriendly Tempranillo, you can’t go wrong with Spanish-inspired cuisine. Lamb is a top choice – from garlicky chops to a simple roast paired with baked potatoes – but it will be equally tasty with roasted pork. We also love this special selection with classic tapas. Try albóndigas (meatballs), silky jamón serrano, olives, firm cheeses, and more.

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