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Silver Lining Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Born Yesterday (1950)

Publicity for this Columbia feature described the lead character as “blonde, beautiful, and brazen.” Enjoy Judy Holliday’s breakout role as the ditzy girlfriend of Broderick Crawford’s junk tycoon with a glass of this perfectly ripe Sauvignon Blanc. Zippy and refreshing, it’s as memorable as this great actress’s winning presence on screen.


This refreshing California Sauvignon Blanc is delicious proof that every cloud really does have a silver lining. The grapes hail from prime-sited coastal vineyards, where occasionally grey skies and cool ocean breezes helped lock in Sauvignon Blanc’s trademark freshness. (Don’t let the cloud cover fool you – 2016 was still a stellar vintage, see below). With its beautifully pure, perfectly ripe, tropical-fruit flavors, Silver Lining makes a lovely aperitif or partner for crisp salads or fresh seafood.


Taking off in popularity in the last 20 years, Sauvignon Blanc has traveled a long way from its spiritual home in France’s Loire Valley. Most notably, it’s taken on new life in Marlborough, New Zealand (where it’s famous for intensely concentrated, grassy/citrus flavors) and in California (where it develops ripe, tropical-fruit notes). It’s often favored as a crisper, more refreshing alternative to rich, oaky Chardonnays, and can offer more zippy, exhilarating character than Pinot Grigio.


GI_grapes_rieslingClareValleyCalifornia is on a real hot streak, and 2016 was no exception. Top critic Robert Parker reports that the Golden State has had “unprecedented and historic succession of great years, such as 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. It now appears 2016 will end up equally impressive. Talk about an ‘embarrassment of riches.’ … Nearly every vigneron and vintner I talked to was thrilled with what 2016 has produced.”


sal_strawberrycheesenutsaladIce-cool Sauvignon Blanc makes for one of the most refreshing aperitifs around, and this lovely example is no exception. It would also be tasty alongside crisp summer salads (all the better if they’re topped with creamy goat cheese, Sauvignon’s classic match). Another tasty option? Seafood. Go for anything from baked tilapia to sushi to a plate of fresh shellfish.

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