Movie & Wine Pairing


Spier Farmhouse Malbec 2016
Coastal Region WO, South Africa

Hamlet (1948)

Vines were first planted at this South African estate over 300 years ago, but the drama in Hamlet was written almost a century earlier. Both wine and film hail from tremendous pedigree, and star Laurence Olivier’s cinematic adaptation is as richly designed and visually compelling as this delicious Malbec is lively and flavorful. So impactful was the movie that it claimed the Oscar for Best Picture – a first for a British-made film.


Malbec is one of our best-selling reds, so we’re always on the lookout for exciting examples to share with you. This delicious discovery hails from Spier, one of South Africa’s oldest estates. Winemaker Johan Jordaan crafted this special Farmhouse release with handpicked grapes from top, organically farmed vineyards in the renowned Paarl district. A few months of oak aging softens the tannins and imparts smoky, chocolatey notes to the Malbec’s deep, dark berry flavors.


South Africa’s wine tradition predates even Bordeaux’s First Growth châteaux. Arnoud Jansz, a member of the Dutch East India Company, planted Spier’s first vines in 1692 and made his first wine in 1700. Today, Spier is one of the mostawarded estates in the country and was named South Africa’s Winery of the Year at Mundus Vini a few years ago. The exclusive Farmhouse label celebrates the team’s focus on sustainable farming in vineyards across some of the Cape’s top wine districts.


VY_SouthAfrica_vines_mtnsWith its endless sun and high altitudes, South Africa’s prestigious Paarl district looks a lot like Mendoza, Argentina, thanks to its dramatic mountains. So it may not come as a surprise that South Africa is also making fantastic Malbec. Factor in the country’s mega-watt sunlight (perfect for ripening Malbec’s firm tannins), and you’ve got another, worldclass Malbec paradise.


steak_grilledribeyeAs most fans know, Malbec is the ultimate match for steak. Pair this rich South African beauty with your favorite cut. It’ll also delight alongside a gourmet bacon cheeseburger, saucy pork ribs, or just about anything else you can throw on the barbecue. Vegetarian? Go for grilled Portobello mushrooms, veggie kebabs, or even a hearty meatless chili.

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