by Sarah Shotwell

Bridgette Bardot_BlogThis month, TCM is celebrating the end of a beautiful summer season with our #summerunderthestars series. Every day, we’re celebrating a different classic film star, and over here at the TCM Wine Club, we couldn’t resist highlighting a few of our favorites! Today’s star of the day is Brigitte Bardot, French actress, singer, and model, who like France’s cheese, wine, and art house films, is a national treasure the rest of the world is certainly grateful for. But Bardot is more than just a talented actress and fashion icon: by the early 1970s, she’d become a National Goddess! Legend has it that modern sculptures of Lady Marianne, France’s longtime symbol of liberty and the Republic, were inspired by Bardot’s famous full-mouthed, smokey-eyed look.

Of course, the men of France were always up for a long pour of Brigitte Bardot, and the women of France adored her, too! We picture them flipping through Vogue Paris with an afternoon glass of wine in hand. For this Star & Wine Pairing, we think a symbol of the people deserves a wine of the people! It’s summer, so we’re pairing Ms. Bardot with a perfectly chilled rosé of Pinot Noir or Grenache (a favorite summer go-to in Bardot’s native Paris.) We raise our glass to France, to summer, and to the stunning Ms. Bardot! Catch her on TCM this week.