Movie & Wine Pairing


TCM Summer Under the Stars Famoso 2017
Rubicone IGT, Italy

Bringing Up Baby (1938)
TUESDAY, MAY 7 @ 01:30 AM (ET)

Two of America’s biggest and most beloved stars are here in one of Hollywood’s most memorable comedies. Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn headline as an uptight paleontologist hoping for money from a benefactress and a zippy heiress who leads him astray. They fall in love and into some ridiculous hijinks in this essential “screwball” comedy from director Howard Hawks. Revel in the stardom on display with a glass of this crisp, pleasing Famoso.


Every day throughout August, TCM devotes 24 hours to the work of one classic star, from Katharine Hepburn to Frank Sinatra. Known as Summer Under the Stars, this film extravaganza is best enjoyed with a refreshing white wine – and we’ve got you covered with this rare exclusive. If you’ve never heard of Italy’s Famoso grape, you’re not alone. This native Italian variety almost went extinct, but thanks to a plucky group of winemakers, it’s enjoying a comeback. Your thrilling taste bursts with fresh jasmine aromas, followed by crisp, exotic-fruit flavors on the vibrant palate.


Though only established in 1995, Rubicone has quickly earned a reputation for quality. Home to small, perfectionseeking estates, it’s named for the river crossed by Julius Caesar as a challenge to Rome’s authority – just as Rubicone’s great-value wines challenge those from pricier regions like Chianti. The wines tend to be varietal (which means made from a single grape), though winemakers are allowed to use more than 40 varieties.


GI_grapes_albarinoDespite its illustrious name, Famoso is a little-known variety. The earliest mention of the grape dates to Italian tax documents from 1437, but after phylloxera ravaged Europe’s vineyards in the late 19th century, plantings declined. It was almost extinct by 2000, but today, local winemakers are dedicated to reviving Famoso. The wines have fresh floral aromas, ripe exotic-fruit notes, and light, crisp palates.


pizz_whitepizzaCrisp and mouthwatering, this Famoso makes a perfect aperitif. Enjoy it alongside simple seafood dishes, from oysters to grilled shrimp to baked white fish with a squeeze of lemon. It’ll also be delicious with creamy vegetarian dishes like pasta primavera or white pizza topped with arugula and Gorgonzola. However you serve it, we recommend sipping it under the stars.

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