By Paullette Gaudet
Hollywood-DinnerNothing gives a girl better costume ideas than arriving at a Halloween costume party—unfortunately, at that point it’s a bit too late to start shopping. Don’t shelve all of that newfound sartorial inspiration for a whole year, though—use it in less than a month by throwing a Costume Thanksgiving Dinner!

As a holiday, Thanksgiving is immutable in many ways: date, menu, historical origin. The one variable in our control is our raiment—dress on Turkey Day traditionally tends to the contemporary, but is that really written on a Turkey Treaty somewhere?? Thanksgiving is ripe for a re-imagining, and we’ve laid it all out for you here!

Bollywood Thanksgiving: Bright colors, loose clothing, and bare feet make this a Thanksgiving celebration nirvana! Use silk runners and pillows to romanticize your dining table and guest seats, play a thrumming Bollywood soundtrack, and be sure to add cumin and a spicy Malbec for extra zest!

Henry VIII Thanksgiving: This requires a bit of planning—and perhaps a wild boar to roast—but if your relatives are game, wealthy and/or bored enough, it just might work! Costumes: rented. Period food: catered. Claret: might have to come from your own wine cellar, if you’re hosting and all. Have the kids play “Greensleeves” on their recorders in the background, and shake your head when asked if mead is on the menu. Huzzah!!!

“Friends” Thanksgiving: This may very well describe your entire last decade of Thanksgiving dinners, but it requires guests to wear 90’s-era casual clothes (optional ‘Rachel’ wigs for ladies/jars of shiny hair pomade for gents should be made available at the front door) and eat off turquoise Fiestaware plates. The wine should be solidly Chardonnay, with a soundtrack mix of The Mighty Lemon Drops, Julianna Hatfield, and Hootie and the Blowfish. Could Thanksgiving be any cooler?!