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The Black Pig Shiraz 2014
McLaren Vale, Australia

Red Dust (1932) & Mogambo (1953)
SATURDAY, APRIL 15 @ 05:45 PM (ET)
TUESDAY, MAY 30 @ 10:00 PM (ET)

Clark Gable is the big personality in these two classic films set in exotic lands. He stars twice as a man torn between two women: one an alluring temptress (played first by Jean Harlow and later by Ava Gardner) and another from high society (Mary Astor and Grace Kelly). Whether set in Indochina or the jungles of Africa, both films are sun-drenched adventures that complement this lush, peppery Shiraz.


McLaren Vale is one of Australia’s most respected wine regions – Hugh Johnson, legendary author of The World Atlas of Wine, declares that its "big, alcoholic flavorsome reds have great appeal." This classic Shiraz certainly does. Made with premium, hand-selected fruit, it offers abundant, ripe black cherry and spice flavors, with hints of cinnamon and vanilla. It'd make a fantastic match for any dish featuring a velvety, fruit-rich sauce, from simple spaghetti with marinara to tangy BBQ ribs.


Known as 'Syrah' in France (where it makes legendary Northern Rhône reds like Hermitage), peppery, berrypacked Shiraz is Australia's great contribution to wine. With its bold, fruit-forward character, the Black Pig is crafted in the turbo charged style that made it famous. In a hot region like McLaren Vale, it takes on an even richer, sun-drenched character. These days, you'll also find Shiraz made in Australia’s cooler climates, where it offers a more subtle, elegant fruit flavor, typically with lower alcohol.


Thirty minutes' drive from Adelaide, McLaren Vale is THE place for Australia's classically powerful reds. These big-personality wines sometimes get a little flack for their alcohol, which can be as high as 16 percent. However, consider the long, hot summers, and it’s easy to see how the grapes get so ripe. While this Shiraz clocks in at a warming 14.5 percent alcohol, we think it's beautifully balanced.


There are very few hard-and fast rules when it comes to food-wine pairing; it's mostly general guidelines that are worth keeping in mind. One of them: match a wine's character to the character of a sauce. In this case, think rich! Hearty tomato sauce, tangy BBQ, or creamy, truffle-based sauces … they'll all work well. If you’re not feeling saucy, a tender steak would also be a delicious

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