Movie & Wine Pairing


The Black Stump Durif Shiraz 2018
South Eastern Australia

Forbidden Planet (1956)

Taking the name of this wine as delicious inspiration, join the crew of Cruiser C-57D to a distant planet in MGM’s landmark science fiction film. A scientist, Dr. Morbius (played by Walter Pidgeon), and his daughter are all that’s left of a previous mission from earth – along with their witty robot servant Robby – and Leslie Nielsen’s Commander Adams arrives to discover the planet’s dark secrets.


You know a wine’s special if customers call the winery demanding more. That’s the devotion The Black Stump inspires. From Alan Kennett, one of an elite few to win the Jimmy Watson Trophy (Australia’s premier wine prize), its name references the mythical Outback landmark (on the label) tied to the Aussie saying ‘beyond the black stump,’ or, ‘middle of nowhere.’ Inky Durif and berry-packed Shiraz used to grow in remote vineyards across South Eastern Australia, so it fits – though this wine’s chocolatey, sun-baked, black-fruit flavors are anything but distant in the glass. With a history of acclaim (including a gold medal at the China Wine & Spirits Awards for the 2018 release), it’s sure to impress!


The Black Stump is a fitting name, as the grapes Alan (below) favors for the blend are grown in hard-to-reach vineyards across South Eastern Australia. This is serious wine territory, as almost half of all the wine in the country is crushed right here. Luckily, Alan knows just where to look for the good stuff ...


WM_AlanKennett_WineglassFamed for its power, structure, and mocha-tinged, black-fruit character, Durif is “the grape that takes no prisoners” (Tim Atkin, MW). Known as Syrah in France, peppery, berry-packed Shiraz takes on a richer, sun-drenched character in Australia. As Alan says, when you blend Durif with Shiraz “magical things happen.” Together, they turbo-charge each other to make an irresistible style.


bbq_braisedbeefshortribsThe Black Stump’s spicy blackberry and plummy flavors pair perfectly with juicy red meats. Try braised beef short ribs (the more sauce the better), char-grilled New York strip, or gourmet burgers (beef or bison). It’s also delicious with hearty pastas (with or without meat), stews, or firm cheeses. A versatile, crowd-pleasing red for sure.

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