TIP: Try a Few Frozen Grapes in your wine to keep it cold

by Paullette Gaudet
You know your fine wine, and so do your friends: just look at the classy array of not-quite-finished bottles littering the table after any one of your get-togethers. But don’t you sometimes miss those days when being a beverage connoisseur just meant filling a single cup with the perfect-sized splash of every soda flavor from the 7-11 soft drink dispenser? Make your next party a lower-key affair by freezing your last soiree’s fancy wine remnants in ice cube trays and trying out one of the following ideas for a low-stress, low-cost hootenanny!

  • Schmangria: What’s better than mixing wine with fruit? Mixing it with more wine! Offer guests a selection of modestly priced (room-temperature) bottles for base pours, and present a smorgasbord of labeled glass bowls, cushioned in crushed ice and filled with frozen wine cubes. Give prizes for the tastiest and most creative combos, and don’t forget to write down the recipes for future reference!
  • Lushees: Remember choosing Slushee flavors by what color they’d turn your tongue? This is a (slightly) more adult version:

1) Chill a set of your sturdiest glass tumblers.

2) Break out a bag of colorful, extra-wide straws and snip ’em in half.

3) Blow the dust off your blender and get to work puréeing cubes of that Pinot

Noir you didn’t finish last week.

4) Marvel at the role that temperature plays in the taste of wine.

5) Go back for seconds.