Movie & Wine Pairing


The Clink Petite Sirah Petit Verdot 2018
Lodi, California

39 Steps (1935)

It would be criminal not to pair The Clink with a classic of the crime film genre. 39 Steps, starring Robert Donat and Madeleine Carroll, is as riveting and fun today as when initially released. This arresting adventure of a man falsely suspected of murder was pivotal in establishing Hitchcock as a premier director, a role that he would retain for decades to come.


This lush California arrival is the handiwork of two powerful partners in crime, Petite Sirah and Petit Verdot. But there’s nothing small about this Petit(e). These inky-dark grapes form the backbone of some very famous reds. But because they’re not often listed on wine labels, they’ve languished in near obscurity for years ... until now. The Clink celebrates the bold, berry fruit and chocolatey decadence this dynamic duo is capable of achieving – made even richer in a superb vintage like 2018. A ‘criminally’ delicious match for burgers, hearty stews, and more.


Known for its glass-staining, wild berry and molasses-loaded wines, California specialty Petite Sirah is “the grape that takes no prisoners,” says Tim Atkin, Master of Wine. Thick-skinned Petit Verdot is one of Bordeaux’s classic black grapes. Similar to Cabernet Sauvignon, it produces concentrated, tannic, spicy wines. As you’ll see and taste, the rare pairing of these two varieties is something of a dark art.


GI_grapes_shirazSouthAustraliaIt’s a great time to be a fan of California wine, as the 2018 vintage continues the string of stellar harvests started back in 2012. According to Wine Spectator, “cooler temperatures and moderate weather lead to a long growing season, allowing grapes to ripen smoothly” in Northern California. What does this mean about the wine in your glass? You’ll enjoy concentrated, fresh flavors.


burg_withsauteedonionsThe Clink’s fun, eye-catching label makes it a great bottle for a night with friends. Fans of lush, full-bodied reds will enjoy sipping this all on its own, but it also pairs well with food. Serve this alongside gourmet burgers, grilled steaks, or other savory, beef-based meals. Hearty winter stews (made with or without meat) or your favorite barbecue dishes will be tasty too.

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