Movie & Wine Pairing


The Creamery Chardonnay 2014
Santa Lucia Highlands, California

An Affair to Remember (1957)
FRIDAY, APRIL 21 @ 08:00 PM (ET)
SUNDAY, JUNE 4 @ 02:00 PM (ET)

One of Hollywood’s most beloved romances is this Cary Grant-Deborah Kerr drama from 20th Century Fox, a widescreen remake of the director’s 1939 film Love Affair. Grant and Kerr’s sophistication and sentimentality are brilliantly echoed in The Creamery’s notes of ripe apricot and soft honeysuckle. Grab a glass of this rich Chardonnay – and some tissues – for an unforgettable romantic adventure.


With a name like The Creamery, it should come as no surprise that this is a deliciously full-bodied, lusciously rich Chardonnay. It hails from California’s premium Santa Lucia Highlands and the exceptional 2014 vintage, which The Wine Advocate calls “an endearing and charming vintage full of precocious and fruit-forward wines.” That character shines through on the nose, with lovely ripe fruit and floral aromas. Light barrel aging (combined with the secondary, malolactic fermentation) adds flavors of honey, toast, vanilla biscuit and a creamy-smooth texture.


The Santa Lucia Highlands is one of California’s premier cool-climate wine growing districts, and “produces a stack load of brilliant Chardonnays,” writes The Wine Advocate. Here, mountainside vineyards (as high as 1,200 feet above sea level) provide grapes with the bright sunshine they need to ripen fully, while the nearby Monterey Bay sends in cooling fog and sea breezes that lock in freshness. You’ll taste both qualities in The Creamery.


Chardonnay is the world’s most popular white grape, due to its attractive, mouthfilling flavors and ability to grow well in a range of climates. It performs most majestically (and expensively) in the vineyards of Chablis and Côte d’Or in Burgundy, but it also thrives in California. Depending on the site (and the ambitions of the winemaker), it can be refreshing and citrusy or rich and buttery, like The Creamery.


Full-bodied, rich and wellbalanced – The Creamery is incredibly foodfriendly. We love it with creamy pastas, which can make for an easy and elegant meal when you’ve got company coming. Try a simple pasta alfredo (toss cooked shells with Boursin cheese, fresh peas and crispy pancetta). And cheese lovers: this wine’s calling out for a few slices of Brie!

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