Movie & Wine Pairing


The Essentials Malbec 2015
Mendoza, Argentina

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)

This Malbec comes from high in the mountains of Argentina. Savor it with a film set in the arid mountains of Mexico, the soulful crucible for Humphrey Bogart’s main character in John Huston’s searching and deeply powerful story of obsession, greed, and men on the frontier. Its depth and resonance in the generations since its release are befitting of a red wine of delicious, smoky complexity.


Hands down, Argentine Malbec is one of our most popular reds. So our expert, Beth Willard, really took her time when tracking down this ‘Essential’ example. It had to deliver on all the hallmarks that make Argentine Malbec such a big favorite. Buttersmooth texture? Check. Waves of ripe, smoky black fruit? Check and check. She made a few phone calls, then a few in-person visits to some of her best contacts in Mendoza. You’re now enjoying the fruits of her labors, which was carefully crafted with fruit grown in the premium Maipú district.


“Malbec has become a fashionable grape to work with, thanks in large part to the popularity of Argentina’s plush and vivid versions” (Wine Spectator). Back home in France, it was once more common in Bordeaux than Cabernet. In southwest France, it makes dark and very tannic reds (aka, the ‘black wines’ of Cahors). In Argentina, bright sunshine and high altitude ripen those tannins to perfection, and help make Argentine Malbec an ultimate steak wine.


Mendoza produces 70% of all Argentina’s wine. In the high-altitude, premium subregion of Luján de Cuyo, cool nights produce Malbec with delicious aromas and fine acidity. And since land without access to the melt waters of the Andes is nothing but desert, vines here only flourish with the help of las acequias, a network of irrigation channels that divert pure Andean snowmelt to the soil.


Alma Andina is uplifting on its own and also great with Latin food – especially if seafood is involved. Steve’s favorite match is a mouthwatering ceviche. Need a vegetarian option? Torrontés has a wonderfully crisp quality, which means it will go nicely with all manner of vegetable dishes. We tried (and loved) black bean dip with queso fresco.

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