Movie & Wine Pairing


The Essentials Sauvignon Blanc 2016
Marlborough, New Zealand

It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963)

Producer-director Stanley Kramer’s slapstick epic is the ultimate movie caper, an experience as lively as a bright and citrusy glass of this Sauvignon Blanc. The first and only comedy filmed in the Cinerama widescreen format includes an amazing array of talent, from Spencer Tracy and Phil Silvers to Ethel Merman, Jack Benny, and Jonathan Winters in his first film role.


Just as The Essentials from Turner Classic Movies showcases landmark films that have had a lasting impact on audiences, The Essentials wine range will help you discover classic examples of the world’s leading grape varieties. Your taste of thrilling New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc comes from the talented James Macdonald, head winemaker at Hunter’s Wines and nephew to ‘The First Lady of New Zealand Wine,’ Jane Hunter. Look forward to vibrant pineapple, guava, grapefruit and lime aromas and flavors.


Hunter’s Wines is one of the most renowned (and fiercely independent) family estates in all of New Zealand. This tightknit winemaking clan has devoted the last 30 years to transforming Marlborough (once a lowly sheep station) into one of the world’s most iconic wine regions. “If there is one company that started the whole international story called ‘Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc,’ it is Hunter’s – they got the magic started,” says Bob Campbell, one of the country’s top critics and a Master of Wine.


France’s Loire Valley is Sauvignon Blanc’s spiritual home, but in the last 20 years Marlborough has really catapulted the grape into the global spotlight. Along the banks of the Wairau River on the northern tip of New Zealand’s South Island, the region’s warm days, cool nights and rocky, heattrapping soils produce that trademark balance of ripe, tropical-fruit flavor and crisp, mouthwatering acidity.


With its intense, tropical-andcitrus-fruit flavors and racy acidity, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc makes a refreshing aperitif. Serve a glass to your guests as they walk in the door and keep a selection of goat cheeses (the grape’s classic match) nearby. At meal time, this will be a delicious partner for seafood – from fresh crab to green-lipped mussels (a New Zealand specialty).

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