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Tierras de la Fuente 2018

High Sierra (1941)
SATURDAY, JULY 18 @ 10:00 PM (ET)

Zesty, vibrant, and thrilling are words that describe both this wine and movie. Helping launch Humphrey Bogart into worldwide stardom, this crime caper centers around the planning and aftermath of what this old-timer hopes is his “last” heist. Tierra de la Fuente is also a thriller with its previous vintage celebrated for being one of the best wines out of Spain that year. The two make for a lively night.


When it comes to thrilling, great-value whites, Spain is definitely a country to keep on your radar. Taste for yourself with this vibrant discovery from the highly acclaimed Fontana Bodegas & Viñedos and head winemaker Tomás Buendía. He crafted Tierras de la Fuente with native grape Airén (the most-planted variety in all of Spain) and international Chardonnay. The previous vintage made the Top 100 list at the Wines From Spain Awards, and we think the 2018 is just as impressive. With its ripe, citrusy flavors, it’s exactly the kind of fresh white Spanish locals would sip at a tapas bar.


At Fontana Bodegas & Viñedos, Tomás has – literally – a sky-high quality advantage. His family vineyard, located just south of Madrid in the province of Uclés, is perched at over 2,500 feet above sea level. At this height, his Airén and Chardonnay grapes are buffeted by chilly winds at night and baked in the hot sun all day. This setup yields wines with wonderfully expressive aromas and intense, citrus- and orchard-fruit flavors – as you’ll taste here.


VY_Spain_NavarrraSpanish wine exports to the U.S. are up by over half a million cases over the last two years. It’s not hard to see why. Almost nowhere else on Earth can you find such high-caliber wines for such a low price. The country may be known for its rich reds, but it’s increasingly gaining a reputation for its classy whites made from native grape varieties like Airén, Albariño, and Verdejo.


shell_calamari_friedWith its zesty fruit flavors and crisp acidity, Tierras de la Fuente makes a refreshing aperitif. Enjoy a well-chilled glass on its own or alongside classic Spanish tapas. We suggest fried calamari or croquetas de jamón (cured ham croquettes). You could also serve this zingy white with summer salads, fresh seafood dishes, or a platter of crudités and soft creamy cheeses.

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