What’s the purpose of the swirling you may ask?  Join Master of Wine Justin Howard-Sneyd & host Ben Mankiewicz at the Francis Ford Coppola Winery to learn about the art of the swirl.

Swirl and Smell

Ben: You’ve done a couple of things right off the bat right there.  You swirled it. What’s the purpose of the swirling?

Justin: Well a lot of the flavor of the wine is captured in the, in the aroma, and with a glass like this, it nicely sort of channels and funnels that aroma above the wine. Actually when you swirl it, what you are doing is releasing a little more of that aroma. You’re letting the air mix with the wine and the aroma kind of swirls off, so when you then put your nose to smell it, the aroma is enhanced and extended because you’ve, you’ve done that swirling.

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