By Paullette Gaudet
recycledwinecorkchristmastreeAh, wine labels! Those carefully soaked-off souvenirs from beloved bottles of wine were intended to be cherished forever—perhaps pressed between the pages of a leather-bound favorite novel?—but most often ended up yellowed, curled and forgotten in the back of a kitchen drawer. Help breathe new life into this time-honored expression of sentiment and wine appreciation by creating Christmas ornaments from these labels! It’s easy: cut cardboard into whimsically-scrolled, metallic spray-painted frames and glue these over ironed-out wine labels, then use ribbon or ornament hooks to hang from tree branches.

You can double the wine theme by making a frame from used corks: with an Exacto knife or box cutter, slice each cork length-wise, about two-thirds of the way in. Glue the corks together end-to-end to form the sides of a frame, then slide the label into the cork slits. Pressed for time/squeamish with the Exacto? Affix the wine label onto a cardboard mat, leaving a one-inch border. Use a chef’s knife to cut the corks length-wise all the way in half, then glue each cork-half around the border, forming a decorative frame.